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Finding a therapist can be a difficult process, we want to give you enough information to make it easier for you to connect with a therapist who will be a good fit for you and your loved ones. Our therapists work with different ages offering individual, couples, and family counseling. We offer counseling for depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention-deficit disorders (ADHD/ADD), bipolar disorder, personality disorders, behavioral issues, personal growth and professional development. Also, providing counseling for pre-marital, marital and separation or divorce related concerns.

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Adult Therapy

Are you constantly worried, anxious, having panic attacks or experiencing other physical symptoms, disturbed sleep & appetite? Psychotherapy can help alleviate these anxiety symptoms. Read More  

Do you feel persistent sadness, intense moodiness, fatigue, lack motivation, and passive thoughts about suicide? You need to consult with a counselor immediately for depression treatment. Read More

Struggling to cope & return to your daily activities due to a traumatic life experience. Our therapist are trained to treat PTSD & trauma symptoms to help you enjoy life again. Read More

In couples or marriage counseling, our therapist will assist in improve your relationship by identify problems, develop attainable goals, improve communication, express feelings and thoughts without fear of judgment or criticism, learn to accept your differences, learn skills to resolve problems, and work as a team moving toward future goals. Read More

Our child counselor or therapist work with children to improve their behavior, learn to manage emotions, manage symptoms related to ADD/ADHD, OCD, anxiety & depression. We also assist children in adjusting after traumatic events, and parents’ divorce. Read More

Teen years can be very confusing and overwhelming time due biological, cognitive, social and emotional changes. Teen counseling can help your teenager in becoming a confident & healthy young person. Read More

We are offering support groups and workshops for mental health & substance abuse needs serving our local communities including Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina and surrounding cities. Our website & blogs will help you learn more about different types of counseling services, and expertise of our counselors. If you have more questions, chat online or call us for a free phone consultation. 


Family Mediation

Our Certified Mediator (a neutral party) assist two or more parties resolve differences and achieve an agreement on matters such as family conflict, interpersonal conflicts with friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Read More




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