Questioning if You or a Loved One is Struggling with ADD or ADHD Symptoms?

  • Do you have a hard time sitting still? Distracted easily?

  • Are you finding it rather difficult to focus in the classroom or during conferences?

  • Do you find yourself daydreaming more often and even when you read, you can hardly comprehend?

  • Are you getting frustrated because people around you are constantly complaining you’re interrupting them?

  • Do you find chaos around yourself because of multiple unfinished projects and/or failing to meet deadlines?


First of all, understand how Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) Disorder can impact someone’s life?

Forgetfulness, lack of concentration, having racing thoughts, hyperactivity or dealing with short attention span can cause mood swings, sleep deprivation, anxiety and even depression. All these are associated to ADD or ADHD, and it takes real courage to be able to fight this on a daily basis, but sometimes it really gets to you, and that's why you believe you need help.

The fact is ADHD is a lot harder to spot in adults than in kids. Most adults struggle with ADHD without knowing they have it and when they finally do, everything changes.

Should I consult with a professional to discuss ADHD Treatment?

Our therapists have the knowledge and educational background to understand how overwhelming it can be for you right now, having just found out that your child, spouse or even yourself may be struggling with ADHD symptoms, there are a whole lot of information out there, and it is important you try not to download them all at once.

Trying to do that may just be a bit too much for you right now, and that's where we, ADD or ADHD therapist, come in. We are here to offer you a warm, welcoming and confidential environment. With therapist trained to not just listen to you but also to help you scale through this difficult time successful. But first, you must understand that you are not alone.


According to statistics and a study from the National Comorbidity Survey Replication (NCS-R), 4.4% of adults in the US have ADHD. Of these adults with ADHD, 38% are women, and 62% are men (Kessler et al. 2006). (Source)

Another statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), revealed that the number of ADHD diagnoses in the US skyrocketed 43% among children between 2003 and 2011, bringing the total number to nearly 6 million American children with ADHD.

These statistics and much more points out how common the attention deficit disorder is. With the help of a specialist and well-trained therapist, you'll be able to improve your lifestyle just like every other person out there who has it. Your therapist can help you differentiate whether you are struggling with inattentiveness or hyperactivity or possibly both.  Therapist can provide psychotherapy for ADHD, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is highly effective for ADD or ADHD, and family therapy for ADHD is worth considering to work as a team to overcome the challenges.

How can therapy help with ADD or ADHD Treatment?

Yes, medication can be helpful, especially on a short-term basis, but when it comes to treating ADHD, therapy has proven to be very effective, particularly when it is used in conjunction with short-term medication.

One of the most important aspects of the ADHD treatment is the diagnosis, and even when it has been diagnosed here are some of the questions people facing an ADD or ADHD diagnosis for either themselves or their children ask:

  • Is the hyperactivity of my child really a problem or is it simply due to youthful energy?

  • Is medication necessary to help my child behave properly in the classroom or are there other alternatives like relaxation skills, change in diet or even a smaller classroom?

  • How do I know if my trouble paying attention and focusing is a big enough problem to warrant treatment? And what kind of treatment might be best?


After diagnosis, it is imperative that you opt for therapy immediately. Psychotherapy is effective for the treatment of the symptoms related to ADD or ADHD primarily because it addresses behavior modification.

This is how therapy can help:

  • Therapist teach strategies

  • Meditation

  • Focus exercises

  • Medication – therapist can evaluation and help you determine severity of your ADD or ADHD if you need further referral to see a psychiatrist for medication evaluation.

Since children and adults with ADHD find it difficult to regulate their emotional and behavioral response to a situation, learning effective coping strategies can help to make them gain back control over those symptoms.

Here are a few other questions that may be rumbling through your mind...

How do I help my family, school teachers or an employer understand my struggle with ADD or ADHD?

Don't be afraid or ashamed to get help and talking to a therapist will go a long way in helping you deal with family, school teachers and even employer, which may be part of ADD or ADHD Treatment plan.

A therapist will be able to guide you as you initiate the following:

  • Psychoeducation, and family session

  • Seek accommodations at work or school during test taking, projects, etc

  • Reiterate problem & hope

Here are some general fears why people are hesitant to seek ADD or ADHD counseling:

Example statements:

  • I don’t want my family or friends to know about my problems.

  • People will think I’m stupid or dumb.

  • I don’t want people to know that I’m getting counseling for ADD or ADHD.

  • Will counseling be costly?

  • I am so busy; I don't think I will have the time to see a therapist?

  • I don’t want to take medication.

If you think you or your child have ADHD, get examined by an experienced mental health professional. Once this is done, you can get the best help for you and start feeling better - that is what our therapists are all about.

You will feel respected and accepted as they are trained to listen and also provide a non-judgmental & confidential space where you'll be able to navigate your own treatment path with support from your therapist.


For those that are busy, our therapists are very flexible with their availability as you can schedule appointments during the day, lunch break, after-hours or even on weekends.

We are also committed to making therapy affordable for everyone with treatment tools to improve care for children, adolescent, and adults with ADHD. And if your insurance won't cover your sessions, we still have a plan for you - all you have to do is call us now at ___

You can feel better by learning how to take charge over your ADD or ADHD symptoms!

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