Counseling For Marriage And Couples

  • Are you struggling to communicate your feelings clearly in your relationships?

  • Do you feel underappreciated in your relationship with your partner?

  • Are you tired of feeling unhappy in your relationship or marriage?

  • Do you want to learn ways to build healthy relationships?

  • Are you afraid that communicating your unhappiness with your partner will destroy your relationship?

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Feeling stuck in a marriage or relationship can be very painful – it can steal joy from every aspect of your life. Sometimes, you may believe that if you can just silence your criticisms, your relationship will improve over time. But, has this method ever worked for you yet? Are you perhaps realizing now that time has not helped strengthen your partnership, but may even have weakened it? With this realization, it can be difficult to know where to turn next. What can possibly save your relationship when all of your previous attempts have failed?

This is where a Marriage & Family Therapist can guide you in finding balance within your marriage or relationship, allowing you to let go of any resentment and/or anger you may feel toward your partner. Sometimes couples think time or perhaps having children will bring them closer or bring joy back into the relationship. Often, this is wishful thinking, which prevents couples from tackling the real problems or issues in their relationship. Avoidance is a common way for couples to cope with things that they feel are out of their control. However, you may now have reached a point where you are tired of avoiding your problems, and have resolved not to do it any longer.

Relationships Are Complex, Most People Struggle At One Time Or Another

Your relationship may have started out wonderfully, with both of you deeply in love and feeling a powerful connection with each other. However, as the honeymoon period ends, many couples struggle with adjusting to their new life demands and changes, which are developmentally unavoidable. In order to sustain, relationships need to evolve over time, with both partners growing together. Unfortunately, many relationships end before the couple has dedicated sufficient time to adjusting and overcoming challenges. It is common in a long-term relationship or marriage for there to be disagreements over interests, hobbies, finances, parenting, employment, personal needs or desires, etc. Unpleasant as it is, conflict is often unavoidable due to the fact that we all have different personalities, needs, values and/or beliefs. Often, however, couples focus more on changing their partner instead of accepting each other’s differences, which can lead to the breakdown of communicate, anger, frustration, anxiety and depression.

Find That Lost Connection

In A Safe, Supportive & Unbiased Therapy Environment

Our Marriage & Family Therapist will work with you in a safe and supportive environment where both partners can feel heard. Your marriage therapist will assist in helping you acknowledge you and your partner’s differences and similarities, identify any issues you are facing, develop attainable goals, improve communication, express feelings and thoughts without fear of judgment or criticism, learn to accept your differences, learn skills to resolve problems, and work as a team moving toward future goals.

You May Still Have Questions About Couples Counseling….

I’m worried we are not going to be able to reconcile our differences. Will couples or marriage counseling definitely fix all our problems?

marriage counseling holly springs nc

Resolve Differences

Overcome Past Hurt & Start New Beginnings

Therapists are professionals who are trained and educated in assisting couples identify issues or problems in their relationship. However, unfortunately it is a common misconception that a therapist can magically fix all your relationship problems. During our confidential, comfortable sessions, you and your partner will be able to determine, as a couple, if you believe it’s worth fighting for your relationship. Then, when you feel ready to begin making necessary changes, as identified in your therapy sessions, a lot of work will be required under your therapist’s guidance to resolve your differences, heal from the past hurts, and learn healthier strategies to communicate and meet each other’s needs. It’s very important for couples to remember why they fell in love with their partner in the first place, and to think of this often, especially during difficult times. Being in a successful, healthy relationship requires many skills. If, for example, you didn’t grow up with happily married parents, you may struggle more in your adult relationships. In couples counseling, you will learn to grow both as an individual and as a couple.


I’m worried about finances. Isn’t couples therapy expensive?

While the thought of therapy may initially set off financial alarm bells, it’s important to stop and think about how much your relationship issues are already costing you, and whether you believe it would be beneficial in the long run to get the professional help you need in your relationship. For example, the increased stress, anxiety, and/or depression you may be experiencing due to your relationship issues, may result in more frequent doctor visits due to illness. And, if you do decide to separate or get a divorce, you will definitely be spending a lot more than relationship therapy fees. The good news is that most health insurance companies cover family counseling, and you may just have a copay or deductible to meet. Even if your health insurance doesn’t cover outpatient therapy, we offer competitive rates for couples counseling. As part of our goal to make counseling services available for everyone in the community, we offer sliding scale fees based on your household income, making counseling for couples much more affordable.

What if we decide to go separate ways during the counseling process?

You are in control of your marital counseling or relationship counseling journey. If, at any point during the couples therapy process, you and your partner decide to start working on separation, your therapist will be entirely respectful of your decision.

Couples Therapy Apex NC

Improve Communication

Create A Respectful & Loving Relationship

In fact, the counselor can provide you with the tools needed to make a well-planned decision by connecting you with other professional resources such as divorce counseling, providing strategies to inform children or other family and/or friends, and other self-care strategies. Your counselor is not there to judge, but rather simply to support you in resolving problems.


Can I come in to talk with a counselor without committing to couples counseling sessions?

Definitely! You may have questions unique to your situation, which we are happy to answer. Just as no two families are entirely alike, counseling for couples is similarly different depending on your needs. In fact, we encourage an initial, obligation free marriage counseling consultation with a Marriage & Family Therapist so your questions can be answered and to help you determine the potential effectiveness of couples counseling for your situation.

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Understanding the Benefits of Marriage and Family Therapy