what is mediation and parenting coordination?

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, ‘mediator’, assists two or more parties resolve differences and achieve an agreement on matters such as family conflict, interpersonal conflicts with friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. In Divorce Mediation, parties come together to create an agreement for parenting plan, equitable distribution, and spousal support. In Parenting Coordination cases, Mediator can serve as a Parent Coordinator (PC) to resolve differences between parents related to parenting time, schedules, special occasions, holidays, vacations, child(ren)'s activities, medical/mental health issues, and other substantive child-related matter upon which parents cannot agree. 


Mediation is an empowering process as parties involve make their own choices and decisions in a respectful and peaceful manner. It reduces stress, anxiety and conflict to encourages continuing a positive relationship. Mediation process increase cooperative parenting. Most importantly, mediation is private, confidential and cost effective. 


Private Mediation allows you to control the outcome of your family matter(s) including a divorce and parenting. Mediators are neutral and they do not represent either party.

Most Mediations are done in 2 to 4 hour sessions for approximately 3-5 sessions (depending on the complexity of your situation) costing $200/an hour. Mediation is time and cost effective. For attorney fees you can expect to spend more than $5000 for each party.

The mediator will provide a summary of mediation, detailing the decisions that you have made. I encourage my clients to review that document with an attorney to write up your Separation/Parenting Agreement. However, you may choose to write your own Separation/Parenting Agreement.


Appointments are scheduled in the 2 hours, 4 hours, and Full day (8 hours)  increments at $200/an hour


Payment made to the mediator to accept the case for mediation is $1800 (If less than $1800 of time is required for your case, you will be refunded the difference; if more than $1800 of time is required, additional pre-payments will be required)

Hourly Rate charged for Mediator’s time outside of sessions is $200/an hour, which includes but not limited to telephone/text/email consultation with client(s), attorneys, appraisers or clients, drafting documents, and preparing the Agreement.

Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy

If the appointment is rescheduled 48-hours before the scheduled appointment, the cancellation fee may be waived one time.  For late cancellation or no-shows, a full fee will be charged for the scheduled time.

I accept cash or credit/debit card (2.75% fee charged for all card transactions). 



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