*Please Note, There’s Approximately 4-6 Week Waitlist For New Clients

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Hello, I am Judy Stubanas! 

I enjoy being with people who are searching for better ways to improve their life or how their life impacts others whatever their role (as a parent, child, friend, leader, co-worker, etc.) to live healthier and happier. I was inspired to focus on the areas of trauma, anxiety and depression as many people have experienced some form and want relief quickly for themselves or family members. Short term, I want my clients to be able to be willing to take immediate steps to move toward physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Long term, I want my clients to be able to enjoy life and handle difficulties with resilience.

My parents had taught me acceptance of others and appreciation of different races, religions and cultures through having exchange students from other countries.  I also bring to my work, my experience with issues around adoption, having 2 adopted children of my own. Most people say that I am approachable and kind and that in the past I loved to dance and scuba dive. I enjoy bike riding, music, attending cultural events or theater, traveling, reading and spending time with friends.


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with my Masters in Counseling Psychology, and I am also a Registered Nurse (RN).  Although I do not prescribe medication, I do often understand the importance of how substances can interact as well as alternative ways to heal physical and emotional difficulties. I worked as a psychiatric nurse with (teens, young adults, adults, home-health) which helped me see the value of learning how to use our innate resources to function well. I have been a charter member of the Wake Forest Toastmasters and achieved the Competent Communicator award and Competent Leader award.

I approach the counseling relationship as a place where a person can come and experience a kind atmosphere to identify what physical, emotional and/or spiritual needs are not in balance and explore innate resources to function well. The environment I wish to offer is an ethical, confidential, nonjudgmental caring and safe place to be yourself.


I actively participate in ongoing continuing education and incorporate evidenced based skills (DBT, CBT, ACT, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, etc.) into the Human Givens framework. 

I continue to study the “Human Givens” counseling philosophy because I like that the approach is clear and genuine (no psychobabble).   I like to be “stretched”, not “stressed” when learning a new skill or taking on a challenge to better enjoy life with greater meaning and purpose. An example of an approach I use when treating any type of trauma is the Human Givens “Guided Imagery and Rewind Technique”.  Clients like this approach because it does not require that they have to talk openly about any details of a past trauma.  Clients also like the quick results and healing they have after being able to calm their “emotional” brain and access their “thinking” brain to put their distress (that may have been ongoing for years) in a place where they no longer feel the intensity or allow the trauma to have any more power over them. In using the Human Given approach, I offer a unique way to resolve issues safely and quickly.

I offers in-office and video counseling or Teletherapy  (please check with your insurance if teletherapy is covered in the outpatient therapy benefits or you can choose to private pay).


Please note, clients are responsible for calling their insurance to verify insurance benefits for Outpatient Therapy (in-network or out-of-network benefits if Wake Counseling provider is not in-network with your insurance plan). Here are commonly accepted plans by this provider:

  • BCBS (Out-of-Network for Blue-Local Plans for Duke & WakeMed)

  • UHC/Optum

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Tricare

  • Out-of-Network Insurance: I can provide a “Super Bill” or an Invoice for client to submit to their insurance for reimbursement. Client is responsible for verifying out-of-network benefits with their insurance plan.

  • Private pay, fee schedule is as following for psychotherapy session:

Initial Assessment/Consultation  - $150

45 minute session - $90

45-60 minutes - $120

* There will be $50 no-show/late cancellation fee for missed appointment on weekdays & $90 no-show/late cancellation fee for weekend appointment unless cancel appointment 24 hours in advance.

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