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Online Therapy - Video Counseling 

Wake Counseling is excited to offer Online Therapy services throughout the state of North Carolina & Internationally, using HIPAA compliant telemedicine software. It is a secure & simple program that allows our licensed therapy staff to provide confidential counseling sessions with clients all over NC.

What is Online Therapy (usually referred as Teletherapy by professionals & health insurances)? 

Online Therapy is a form of therapy or counseling facilitated through live-video chat instead of a traditional in-office setting. It is same quality of care as in-person session and will be private & confidential. 

What are the benefits of Online Therapy? 

Online Counseling allows clients to schedule at their convenience, even if you’re traveling within North Carolina. You will have access to an experienced counselor even if you don’t have transportation to make it the office. There will not be any need to drive to and from your appointment. Most importantly, no stress about traffic or trying to find parking. No stress over finding baby sitter if you have young children. You don’t have to sit in a waiting room with other people. It is as confidential as seeing a therapist in-person or in-office. 

What are the limitations? 

You must be residing in the state of North Carolina. Our therapist cannot provide therapy for individuals and families living out-of-state. You must have the privacy during the online therapy session (private room, where others are not intruding on your conversation). 

Who can benefit from Online/Video Counseling? 

Anyone living in the state of North Carolina can utilize Online Therapy. This technology makes it possible for individuals living at a greater distance receive the mental health and couples counseling services that otherwise will be very difficult due to time or transportation limitations. 

How do I schedule Online Therapy? 

You can click on ‘Schedule an Appointment’ on our website or call our office at (919) 647-4600 ext. 0 to speak with our office manager to set up an appointment by mentioning ‘Online Therapy’ option. If unsure which therapist to choose, please review our therapist’s profile or our office manager can help you connect with a therapist who might be a good fit your needs. 

What do I need for Online Therapy?

To have a successful Online/Video Session, you will need the following:

  • A computer (laptop or desktop), Smartphone or Tablet device

  • An integrated or external microphone

  • An integrated or external camera

  • An internet connection that is at least 10mbps. (we recommend running Pre-call Test to check your internet connection:

How much does it cost? 

Please check with your insurance by calling the customer service for Mental Health services if ‘Teletherapy’ or ‘Online Therapy’ is covered. You may only need to pay your copay or deductible depending on your individual health care plan.  For private pay, our initial evaluation session will be $150, follow-up 45-minute session will be $90 and 60-minute session is $120. 

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Please check each clinician's profile to see fee schedule & if accept insurances.

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