Are you a parent having struggling with conflict ridden divorce proceedings? A Parenting Coordinator can assist!

You May Need Parenting Coordination If You:

  • Are in a high dispute divorce or struggling with adjustment after divorce.

  • Have continuing debate over parenting decisions for your kids.

  • Have issues communicating with your ex-life partner.

  • Are facing continuous litigation issues about your children and the divorce.

Parenting Coordination is another alternative dispute resolution process in which a qualified, unbiased professional works to help separated or divorced parents to settle issues and to enable them to actualize their parenting plan.

The process includes:

  • Recognizing, identifying & addressing disputed issues

  • Reducing conflicts

  • Exploring different problem-solving techniques

  • Finding ways of collaboration in parenting

  • Creating a parenting plan

  • Helping parties in adhering to the court's order concerning parenting issues.

Parenting Coordination helps to resolve or avoid repeated court cases over parenting issues, which is both time and cost effective.

A parenting coordinator works to prioritize the child’s needs and help parents create the best possible plan in regards to the family. The process is designed to reduce persistent conflicts to which the child is exposed, and to support the parents in finding new ways of co-parenting their child after separation.

Meet Your Parent Coordinator


Manpreet Lehal is a certified Family and Divorce Mediator, certified Parent Coordinator and has a professional background as a mental health counselor including her work with couples and families going through separation or a divorce since 2004. She is an avid advocate of helping adults deal and cope with life changing events with least amount of impact on their children. She is a neutral party to assist you in separating emotions before making decisions that will benefit you and your children in the future.

Manpreet Lehal is not an attorney or a lawyer, for legal advice please consult with an attorney.

Benefits of Using A Parental Coordinator 

Parenting Coordination helps parents who have separated to:

  • Work with unbiased facilitator for the best interest of the child.

  • Resolve conflicts faster and more efficiently.

  • Find guidance while constructing their new roles as co-parents.

  • Improve skills such as communication, problem-solving skills, and anger management skills.

  • Reduce cost of the court case.

  • Save time, so they can focus on re-establishing their life after divorce.

A Parental Coordinator is there to settle and manage disputes, and enhance communication skills with parents without involving the children. They will discover solutions to the challenges at hand, the needs of the children, and work hand in hand with both parents. The objective is to assist both parents in a way that decreases the adverse effects on the children.

Benefits of Shared Parenting

Both parents fostering a healthy relationship with their children

Improve the child's development

Creates a platform for parents to successfully draft out plans for their child's well being

Lessens the emotional stress of the family being apart

What Divorce Challenges Do PC Help With?

A Parental Coordinator helps to guide separated parents in dealing with daily parenting issues faced in during or post-divorce while also ensuring that the procedures of parenting agreement are followed strictly.

How Does Parenting Coordination Work?

Most times in North Carolina, the court will appoint a Parental Coordinator. Parents may also choose a parenting coordinator voluntarily. A PC may meet with each party privately, or with both parents and the children. They will seek out what disputes are present, past conflicts situations, and help couples make better decisions for the wellbeing and security of the kids.

In a court case order, a Parental Coordinator will be required to report back to the court about the case.

How is parenting coordination different than the judge deciding the disputes?

In the case of parental coordination, the parents have the ability to resolve the disputes & conflicts themselves with the assistance of the Parenting Coordinator as a mediator. If  the parties involved cannot reach a consensus in mediation, the Parenting Coordinator will craft a decision faster than going through the stress of the traditional court process.

How can I find a certified and professional Parenting Coordinator?

A professional parenting coordinator is trained in family mediation. They should have qualifications of being a certified family mediator/PC, can be a licensed mental health professional, or a legal professional.

What is a North Carolina parenting plan like?

A parenting plan for post-separation differs in regards to the spouses’ negotiations. This means that for a parenting plan to be legally binding both parents will need to agree, sign, and finalize the document in the court.

A North Carolina parenting plan includes shared parenting which allows both parents to  have their child live in their home half of the calendar year. The year can be shared according to what is included in the best interest of the child.

For example, a parent may have the child stay in their home for just during the holidays, summer vacation, school breaks, and vice versa.

When is the best time to draft a North Carolina Parenting Plan?

The best time to draft a Parenting Plan is when both parents are ready to work together for the interests of the family. What’s important is that both parents are comfortable with the plans. It’s crucial that both parties are in a good emotional state.


Appointments are scheduled in the 2 hours, 4 hours, and Full day (8 hours)  increments at $200/an hour


Payment made to the parent coordinator (PC) to accept the case for mediation is $1200 (If less than $1200 of time is required for your case, you will be refunded the difference; if more than $1200 of time is required, additional pre-payments will be required)

Hourly Rate charged for PC’s time outside of sessions is $200/an hour, which includes but not limited to telephone/text/email consultation with client(s), attorneys, appraisers or clients, drafting documents, and preparing the Agreement.

Rescheduling/Cancellation Policy

If the appointment is rescheduled 48-hours before the scheduled appointment, the cancellation fee may be waived one time.  For late cancellation or no-shows, a full fee will be charged for the scheduled time.

I accept cash or credit/debit card (2.75% fee charged for all card transactions). 

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