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It is not how we feel, but what we do with those feelings that define us as individuals.

Hello! My name is Suzanna Nagy. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC-A) and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). I earned dual master’s degrees in psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus on psychotherapy and counseling. I have always had a passion for helping others find solutions to the problems that plague their lives. I began my counseling career working in a community-based mental health setting before establishing myself in private practice.                             


I work with individual (child, teen, adult clients) and couples who are facing anxiety, depression, life transitions, loss, trauma, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, and challenges at work or in relationships. I have counseled adults, couples, and groups in community-based and school-based mental health, as well as private practice. I have also conducted in-depth research on trauma, hopelessness, empathy, attachment, and intimacy. Above all, I believe that my clients, not I, hold the key to their growth and that emotional pain and anxiety, when given respect and non-judgmental attention, can often provide some of the best opportunities for learning.

In addition, I have experience working with individuals from alternative lifestyles, the LBGTQA+ and transgendered community, and various cultures.


My approach combines holistic, person-centered, and psychoanalytic therapies such as Freudian approach. This means that not only do I listen to what clients say and I tailor their therapy to fit them but also help them address their past experiences and unfinished business in the here-and-now. I help them learn how they make meaning of the world, supporting them through an ongoing process of identifying goals and the pace at which change takes place. I feel that therapy should be a combination of hard work and fun. I believe therapy should be tailored to fit the individual client or a family. I offer my clients a safe environment free from judgment, and I am firmly committed to empowering my clients to succeed by encouraging them to understand their behavior. Additionally, I assist them in modifying those behaviors they wish to change.

I provide outpatient services to individuals, families, and groups in an office setting as well as Telehealth/Online/Video therapy services, which are HIPAA compliant. Please check with your insurance if teletherapy is covered in the outpatient therapy benefits or you can choose to private pay.


Please note, clients are responsible for calling their insurance to verify insurance benefits for Outpatient Therapy (in-network or out-of-network benefits if Wake Counseling provider is not in-network with your insurance plan). Here are commonly accepted plans by this provider:

  • BCBS (In-network; Out-of-Network for Blue-Local Plans for Duke & WakeMed)

  • Out-of-Network Insurance: I can provide a “Super Bill” or an Invoice for client to submit to their insurance for reimbursement. Client is responsible for verifying out-of-network benefits with their insurance plan.

  • Private pay, fee schedule is as following for psychotherapy session:

Initial Assessment/Consultation  - $150

45 minute session - $90

45-60 minutes - $120

* There will be $50 no-show/late cancellation fee for missed appointment on weekdays & $90 no-show/late cancellation fee for weekend appointment unless cancel appointment 24 hours in advance.

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