Mental Health/Substance Abuse Teen Counseling Or Therapy For Teens

How Do I Help My Teenager Cope With Life’s Challenges? 

  • Is your teen struggling academically due to lack of focus, being easily distracted and/or disorganized?

  • Do you worry about your teen’s anxious behavior, or believe that he or she is struggling to cope with stress?

  • Do you have concerns about your teen’s unhealthy relationships with friends or family members?

  • Have you noticed your teenager becoming obsessed with his or her phone or social media? Do you worry about cyberbullying?

  • Are you becoming concerned about your teen’s mood swings?

  • Do you feel your teenager might be depressed?

  • Is your teenager making suicidal or other destructive threats?

  • Do you suspect your teen might be experimenting with drugs


Are You Noticing Behavior & Mood Changes in Your Teen?

Don't Ignore the Early Signs, Consult With A Teen Therapist.

As a parent, you may wonder how you and your teenager can overcome developmental challenges, especially if stress, frustration, anger and anxiety are making it difficult for you to communicate with each other. It is all too common for parents and teenagers to disagree on priorities, needs, wants and values. Most parents wish for their teen to one day become a healthy, happy, and well-grounded individual. However, current teen issues or problems might make that goal seem impossible. You may have concerns about your teen’s declining grades, lack of interest in activities, socially isolating or overly involved behavior, anxiety or panic attacks, emotional outbursts, mood swings, argumentative behavior and, most concerning, when your teenager is acting out through drug use, alcohol or sex -- behavior that leaves a parent feeling scared and helpless. 

Adolescence Is A Challenging Time For Parents And Teens Alike

As parents, it is our job to be involved and concerned when our child (now teenager) starts to display changes in behavior and relationships. However, when a parent begins to nag or limit opportunities for growth, it is likely that the teenager will resist. Most teenagers will complain that their parents do not understand them or what they are going through, or may seek autonomy from them. Parents may feel offended or defensive, but it’s important to remember that different times bring different stressors and worries. Today’s teenagers have very different struggles to past generations, and future generations of teenagers will no doubt face unique challenges of their own.


Learn To Set Healthy Boundaries

Teens Need Guidance to Learn Healthier Coping & Problem Solving Skills.

It is a natural process for a teenager to go through biological, cognitive, social and emotional changes developmentally. Because of this, adolescence can be a very confusing, depressing, anxious time for teens as they learn to cope with life’s stressors. Remember, teen years provide an opportunity for discovering self-identity, self-esteem, autonomy and connectivity (whether with their own family, peer groups, through dating or romantic relationships). In addition, today’s generation are dealing with social media, technology, cyberbullying, and an increase in illicit drug use as young as twelve years old. With this in mind, it’s natural for some conflict to arise as teenagers try to push their boundaries and attempt to cope through dysfunctional behaviors or habits. 

How can teen counseling or therapy help my child?

If you, as a parent, or others around you notice signs of concern, it’s important to seek professional counseling for your teenager. You may feel that your teen isn’t taking your suggestions seriously, in which case a teen counselor who can work with your child in a therapeutic environment (free from judgment or criticism) can help him or her resolve problems, process feelings and thoughts, learn to communicate in a healthier way with others, develop healthier self-esteem and relationships. Teen counselors or therapists evaluate teenagers for mental health related concerns such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, OCD, oppositional or defiance behaviors (ODD), self-harming behaviors, and provide counseling for substance use/abuse related issues. Counselors also work with teens that have experienced trauma, such as physical/sexual/emotional abuse, death/grief issues, a natural disaster, or family problems related to parents’ separation or divorce.

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A Therapist Can Help the Teen...

Resolve Mental Health & Behavioral Issues.

Your teen may need to work on individual problems or issues before entering into family counseling to resolve relationship problems. Most teen counselors will schedule a session with family or parents to improve communication pathways, develop quality family time, and set clear rules and expectations for all.

Our therapists utilize psychotherapy, art therapy, and evidence-based modalities such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), DBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), etc., to work with your teen. 

I’m worried about finances. Is teen therapy/counseling expensive?

Firstly, check your insurance policy. You may have health insurance benefits that cover outpatient therapy services for children and other family members. If so, check with your insurance provider about copayments or coinsurance, or if you have a deductible to meet. Some of our teen therapists may not accept insurance, but they can give you a ‘Super Bill’ or invoice that you can submit to your insurance company for an out-of-network benefit reimbursement (most people end up getting reimbursed either a percentage or the full fee). Even if you don’t have health insurance or your health insurance doesn’t cover outpatient therapy, we offer competitive rates for teen counseling. As part of our goal to make counseling services available to everyone in the community, we offer sliding scale fees based on your household income, making counseling for teens much more affordable.

At Wake Counseling, we have the expertise and knowledge to assist teens and their families in overcoming relationship challenges, and/or mental health (anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Trauma) or substance use/abuse issues. 

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