Couples Therapy Cary NC

It takes two to build a strong and solid relationship. Rough patches are inevitable in any relationship, but these difficult times can be seen as a springboard for growth. Through the knowledge and skills, you develop in couples’ therapy, your relationship can come out of any battle or hardship stronger than before. As with anything in life, you reap what you sow – therefore – there is an effect for everything you say or do and there is a positive correlation with how much effort you put into your relationship and the subsequent reward you receive.  You cannot expect something to grow or flourish, if you do not attend to it. Relationships require work, dedication and compassion from both individuals – it takes two and ultimately, it takes effort.

Couples Therapy is an Investment
Couples therapy can produce positive and effective change not only in your relationship, but in you as an individual too. It offers improved intimacy and understanding in your relationship, as well as self-improvement and self-awareness. Couples therapy offers you insight and objectivity.

Couples therapy:

1.     Changes your view of your relationship
Through couples’ therapy, you learn to view your relationship more objectively and within its unique context. You also learn to take ownership of your role in the relationship and to stop blaming your partner all the time.

2.     Modifies dysfunctional behavior and attempts to change the way partners interact with each other
During couples therapy, you are encouraged to try more constructive ways of interacting and communicating with your partner.

3.     Decreases emotional avoidance
Through couples’ therapy, you are coached and encouraged to establish open lines of communication in your relationship.

4.     Promotes your strengths
In couples’ therapy, you promote your relationship strengths which provides encouragement and solidifies feelings of love, enjoyment and hope. It emphasizes what is working in the relationship.  

The Core of Couples Therapy
Communication is a focal point of couples’ therapy and during your sessions, you are encouraged to speak to each other in supportive and understanding ways and to listen empathically and actively. Through therapy, you give your relationship a chance to overcome obstacles and you learn that each relationship has its unique challenges and strengths. Couples therapy emphasizes the idea that every action has a consequence and ultimately, “you reap what you sow”. Therefore, the purpose is to encourage positive behavior, adjust dysfunctional communication skills and discourage negativity. The breakthrough comes when you realize that by making even the smallest changes in yourself, you can affect big, positive changes that make you more optimistic and open to your partner.

With the aid of a therapist and therapy, you (as a couple) can bring peace, stability and communication back into your relationship thus affecting your lives and the lives of those most impacted by you and your relationship. Couples therapy promotes growth in you and your relationship. It repairs and restores your relationship and it builds a firm foundation for a happy, successful future together. 

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